Farrah Abraham to Star on New Comedy Show But the Joke Might Be on Her (VIDEO)

farrah abrahamJon Stewart has gone the way of Sam Donaldson, David Frost, and Walter Cronkite before him. Now that Stewart has become a true, hard-hitting journalist, TV is desperate to find a fresh take on the tired model of the comedic news program. (Not you, Stephen Colbert, you're beautiful and perfect and don't ever change.)

This is where The Soup's new show on E!, The Soup Investigates, comes into play. Or where it would like to, anyway. AW SNAP, IN YOUR FACE SHOW I HAVE YET TO WATCH. Still I'm entitled to my judgments, given that they are going to feature a hard-hitting interview with Farrah Abraham. This means Farrah is going to have to be funny, you guys.


I am not normally a fan of these sorts of shows (said the crotchety lady who lives in your apartment building and is always cornering you by the mailboxes). They make me cringe and worry that the person being interviewed isn't in on the joke. It's the same reason I don't like prank shows.


The clip the show's released of Farrah being interviewed didn't give me a lot of hope. I mean, any situation where you've positioned Farrah Abraham to be the straight-man is a situation which requires more of a willing suspension of disbelief than I can manage. Sorry, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and also word to your mother. I'd much rather watch Farrah in her natural element. You know, getting filmed while getting her chin implant removed.

Are you going to check out Farrah on the new show?

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