'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Tattoo Addiction Is Getting Out of Control

Maci BookoutShe already has, like, a few hundred tattoos (or something), but according to an update she recently posted on Twitter, Maci Bookout is planning another tattoo session. She didn't mention when it's going to happen or where on her body they are going to magically appear.

Yep -- girl obviously can't get enough of her ink, but considering how many tattoos Maci already has, doesn't it seem like she might be a little bit addicted to them?


Personally, I don't have any tattoos, but I have plenty of friends who do and many of them have told me that they're a lot like potato chips. But instead of not being able to eat just one, you can't get just one -- to the point where you're already planning your next tat before the tattoo artist is even done with your current session.

And every time I hear someone tell me that tattoos can be addicting, I'm even more convinced that I'm not meant to have one. Or two. Or seven.

Here's the thing with Maci -- she's only 22, so while she may dig being all inked up now, there's a chance that she may regret a few of her tattoos, particularly the ones located on parts of her body that are tough to cover up. She might want to think about quitting while she's ahead. Then if in another 10 years or so she's still really feeling the urge to get another tattoo, she can take the plunge knowing it's something she truly wants.

Of course, Maci is a pretty mature gal for her 22 years, so I guess there's a chance that she'll be just as confident about the tattoo choices she's made in the future as she is now. Given how many she has -- let's hope that's the case; otherwise, some of them are going to be a real bitch to try and remove.

Do you have tattoos? Does getting them make you want more and more and more?


Image via Instagram

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