'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik's Reaction to Courtney Robertson's Tell-All Book Changes Everything

Ben Flajnik Courtney RobertsonGreat, just as I was about to start my book club for Courtney Robertson's new tell-all book, I hear that it might not be quite as juicy as I originally thought. Not that I don't think Courtney's got enough sass to write a page-turner ...  I just can't imagine how juicy it will be since her ex-fiance Ben Flajnik is totally supportive of it.

Ugh ... buzzkill.

I was expecting the dirtiest of dirt, the juiciest of juice ... but now? I'm afraid we might get nothing more than fluff. Way to rain on my parade, Ben.

Here's what the former Bachelor had to say:


Courtney contacted me to let me know she had a book deal and that I was going to be in it. Other than that, I have no idea what the content of it will be. But best of luck to her.

Oh how sweet, they're being civil with one another. But civil doesn't exactly sell books. I don't know, I'm kind of bummed, you guys. This is a tell-all! She's supposed to tell ALL. I just can't imagine her really telling-all if she felt the need to run this idea by Ben. Clearly, she still cares about his feelings -- and therefore will probably not reveal too much in order to stay on his good side.

Here's hoping that she didn't feel the need to run the idea by the rest of her former cast-mates ... because I'd like to at least read a juicy story or two about them.

Do you think the tell-all won't be as juicy because Ben is okay with it?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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