What Happened Behind the Scenes During That Wild 'RHOM' Bedroom Scene (VIDEO)

I had to start the article with Romain in his underwear. Consider it a birthday gift from me to you!!

So much drama happened this week on The Real Housewives of Miami -- let’s call this the “How’d They Do That?” episode. Joanna Krupa and Adriana de Moura finally met to clear the air, but did they have any outside help?


Mama Elsa is home from the hospital and daughter Marysol Patton gives the house an exorcism before she returns ... but that doesn’t make Mama want to drink the Perrier with special crystals in it! Marysol is at her wits' end and doesn’t have much gas left in her tank to plan Adriana’s bachelorette party, but luckily Adriana remembers something. Reality Tip number 657 -- what do you do when a scene is boring and you know it? Set something on fire!

Watch my exclusive video where I break down exactly HOW you film a sex scene for reality TV, how not to muddy the waters when you apologize for the cameras, and what Lenny Hochstein must really have been thinking while Lisa smothered him. And I think the producers were having a little fun at Adriana’s expense, no? Take a look and tell me whether you think I'm right!

Who do you think was the most selfish, self-absorbed Real Housewife this week?

Images via BravoTV

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