Lamar Odom's Dad Claims His Son Is Going to Stop Paying His Rent

lamar odomLet's take a break from speculating about what's going on between Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian. What's going on between Lamar Odom and his father? A few days ago Lamar slammed his father, Joe, for saying the Kardashians were the source of all his problems. Now Joe Odom tells TMZ Lamar is threatening to stop paying his father's rent. Supposedly Lamar has been paying $$2,900 a month for his dad's housing for the past four years, and he's threatening to cut him off. Would he really do that, though?


Joe Odom says he'll be out on the street if Lamar really does stop paying his rent. I can imagine how the father and son might have a falling out, and that Lamar may have said a few things in a heated moment. Even without saying anything, Joe might be feeling a little vulnerable right now. But then why was he running his mouth off earlier this week, then? Maybe if your son is paying your rent you should try not to make his life more difficult.

Still, I don't believe Lamar would really cut off his dad. Maybe Lamar is frustrated, but he's not cruel... right? Lamar may be feeling out of control and not quite himself lately, though. I hope Joe is wrong.

Do you think Lamar would really stop paying his dad's rent?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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