'SNL' Spoofs Obamacare With 'Breaking Bad' Cameo We All Wanted (VIDEO)

breaking bad snlWhat goes together like peanutbutter and jelly? Obamacare and Breaking Bad, of course. Last night on Saturday Night Live "Jesse Pinkman" stumped for Obamacare alongside the President (Jay Pharoah). It was the real Aaron Paul! Best SNL cameo ever! of the season. Okay, that's easy to say because this was the season premiere, but still. Breaking Bad is all any of us can think about right now, so it was exciting. 


Jesse tells the heartbreaking story of his friend who got cancer and had no choice but to start cooking up meth to pay for his treatment. Hmm, that sounds familiar... He starts getting into detail about a graphic murder when Obama cuts him off -- because nobody wants to find out how Jesse's story ends until we all sit down and watch the finale!

Here's the sketch in case you missed it last night. Jesse comes in during the last quarter or so. He's worth the wait, just like, well you know.

Was Aaron Paul's appearance a surprise to you?


Image via NBC

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