'DWTS' Star Leah Remini's Breakup With Scientology Could Make or Break Her Season

Leah Remini Tony DovolaniGood GRIEF. We're not even three weeks into the new season of Dancing With the Stars, and already there's some major drama going down behind the scenes -- involving one controversial cast member in particular.

OMG. Leah Remini thinks the church of Scientology wants her to fail, so much so that she even told partner Tony Dovolani that she believes they're gunning for her to lose the competition.

And of course, they had a rebuttal. A Scientology spokesperson told ABC News, "We know this may come as a surprise to someone as self-absorbed as Ms. Remini, but we could care less if she wins or loses on Dancing With the Stars."

Um, yeah. Ok. Sure. Because usually when people get defensive, it's because they don't care at all. (Eye roll.)


And unfortunately for Leah, it looks like the drama with these alien-loving peeps has only just begun. Former DWTS fan favorite Kirstie Alley "feels betrayed" over the fact that Leah was cast on season 17.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that there's a chance that Kirstie will make a guest appearance on the show, which would make it next to impossible for Leah to avoid her. OMG. Can't you feel the tension in the room simply thinking about these two coming face to face with each other? Neither one of them has subtle personalities, so it wouldn't be shocking at all if they got into a good old-fashioned cat fight.

But seriously, isn't it kind of wild just how much drama surrounds Scientology -- especially if you make a drastic move like Leah and decide to quit altogether? The way members are turning on her is only making the "religion" look like more of a wacky cult than everyone already thinks it is, which isn't going to help recruit new victims people to join going forward.

And as far as DWTS is concerned, I guess it wouldn't be reality TV if there wasn't at least a little bit of drama involved. But hopefully for Leah's sake, she won't let everything that's going on outside of the ballroom affect her performance on the dance floor. She has so much potential, and she's come too far to let people who don't agree with her beliefs bring her down.

Do you think the church of Scientology is hoping Leah fails?


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