'Walking Dead' Season 4 Images Released: 11 Most Maddening Teases (PHOTOS)

Walking Dead season 4We're just a couple weeks from The Walking Dead premiere episode, and AMC has started gearing up for the big day by releasing a slew of photos from season 4. They've updated some of the sepia-toned cast gallery shots, but as nice as it is to see portraits of our favorite survivors staring moodily into the camera while sporting an oddly attractive sheen of dirt, I'm far more interested in the episode stills.

Here's an early peek at some of the action to come, via a bunch of promo images from the upcoming premiere, “30 Days Without an Accident." Also, lots of Daryl Dixon photos. Because mmmm, Daryl Dixon.

Based on the image of Daryl with his arm around Carol, do you think they're going to move past the friend zone in season 4?

Images via AMC


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