Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Were 'Together' Long Before 'The Bachelor' Ended (PHOTO)

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciNow that they've been together for nearly a year, it's pretty tough for anyone to argue that Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are madly in love. I know, I know -- even I had my doubts about whether or not things would last once they first got engaged. But now I'm officially on board with team "Filipinlowe" and I can't wait to attend their wedding. (I'm SO scoring an invite.)

I guess part of the reason I wasn't so sure about them at first is because it wasn't clear during The Bachelor that Sean was falling for Catherine until the very end. But based on a photo he shared this week on Instagram, it's obvious that he was hiding his true feelings for the sake of the show.

As it turns out, Sean only had eyes for Catherine after their roller derby group date.


He spilled the beans via Twitter saying:

Aww. He has such a cute sense of humor, doesn't he?

In case you don't remember, the roller derby date aired on episode 4 of Sean's season -- so it was still very early on in the process when he realized Catherine was the girl for him. Um, who else thinks he deserves an Academy Award for the performance he gave from that point forward?

I mean, I know he had to play along to make everyone believe he was falling for more than one woman for the sake of ratings. Still, that can't have been easy if he knew he was going to put a ring on Catherine's finger at the end.

But now that we know Sean was gaga for Catherine the entire time, it seems like kind of a shame that we didn't get to watch more of their love story unfold on TV. The way his season was edited, she kind of came out of nowhere at the end, which is probably why so many people doubted the two of them were the real deal.

There's no denying it now though -- and as time goes on, Sean and Catherine only seem to get stronger and stronger. Who else thinks we'll be hearing wedding bells sometime after the first of the year?

Did you notice the connection between Sean and Catherine early on during his season?


Image via Instagram

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