Jenelle Evans & Tori Rhyne Make Their Relationship Official

tori rhyne and jenelle evansJenelle Evans and Tori Rhyne have had their ups and downs as friends. This isn't surprising since I'm sure being friends with Jenelle can be like befriending a vicious, if cute, badger. Which isn't to say that Tori doesn't have claws of her own. Though I'd probably call her a weasel. She's sold out her supposed best friend to the press multiple times. I am surprised that Jenelle has not slapped her face to the moon and back.

They haven't always seen eye to eye what with the screaming and the, uh, total betrayal. Still it looks like the two women, who were once rumored to have hooked up, are back to being besties once more. Jenelle feels so confident in her pal's loyalty that she has no issue sharing a recent picture of a friendship necklace from Tori with her fans. 


On the one hand, it's kind of refreshing to see the "softer of side" of Jenelle. With all the drama, we can forget just how young she actually is. Hanging out with her best friend, exchanging matching necklaces? That's stuff little girls do, and it makes us wonder if Jenelle, now drug-free, is trying to make up for lost time.

jenelle evans

If this is true, hanging out with Tori might not be a good idea. Jenelle has proven herself to vulnerable to the influences of people around her in the past. Tori might have done her best to make amends with Jenelle, but don't forget, she also had zero issue trying to sell her out to the highest bidder. What's to stop her from doing it again?

Do you think Jenelle should trust Tori?

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