'Glee' Recap: Blaine's Good News Almost Makes Us Forget About Finn (Almost)

glee season 5 premiere Darren CrissGleeks, did that just happen? Did season 5 of Glee premiere with the Beatles AND a proposal? Don't they usually hold off on these sort of things for a cliffhanging ending?

Maybe the writers knew our hearts really needed a pick-me-up after starting things off with disappointment for Rachel ... and a heartwrenching cover of "Yesterday" from her that made it hard not to see Lea Michele's pain and heartache over the loss of Cory Monteith shining through. Or maybe this was planned all along.

Either way, it happened.

HUGE spoiler alert ahead ... so if you didn't hit the DVR yet, avert your eyes!


Blaine popped the question (c'mon, you already guessed that).

And Kurt said yes!

Klaine is back! And they're getting married!

As Sam said tonight, "Gay marriage, good, it's good, it's good things! And they're all happening so fast, let's go!"

The epic proposal that explains the show's title, "Love, Love, Love," happened back at Dalton Academy, in the very spot where a young bow-tied Warbler first laid eyes on one Kurt Hummel. With some of the New Directions' fiercest competition providing back-up vocals, Blaine serenaded his love ... and then pulled out a ring.

And, well, I already mentioned that Kurt gave the aye aye, but I should throw in there that it came after a speech from his father Burt that seemed to have a little ode to Cory in there. Burt -- aka TV's greatest dad -- reminded his son that time is short, and you only get so much of it with the people you love. If he'd known Kurt's mom was going to die young, he would have married her even sooner.

His speech was a little sad, but nothing compared to what we know is coming down the pike -- in just two episodes -- for the New Directions. With that in mind, the happy engagement seems the perfect way to start the season, something to keep us going even through the rough parts.

What did you think of the premiere? Did it set the right tone?


Image via Adam Rose/FOX

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