'Breaking Bad' Sneak Peek: Haunting Finale Song Hints at Tears to Come (VIDEO)

Breaking BadIt's almost here, and I am filled with bittersweet anticipation. "Felina," the series finale of Breaking Bad, airs in just one day, and after Sunday the best television show I've ever watched is over. Like, not for a nine-month hiatus between seasons, but FOREVER.

I'm so not ready to say goodbye to this series, and at the same time I'm on pins and needles wondering just how this final episode will play out. If you're all caught up on Breaking Bad, join me for a rundown of what we know about "Felina," including AMC's just-released images from the finale, the ominous soundtrack, and some theories on the various meanings behind the episode name.


AMC's official synopsis for the show is simply this:

The series finale.

Okay then! That gives us about as much as Vince Gilligan did when he shared a one-word tease about the finale on Talking Bad: "Woodworking." AMC also isn't showing much with the "next on" preview, which is made up of clips from older episodes. Take a look, though, and pay special attention to the music:

Apparently this is the only Breaking Bad promo to feature music which was not specifically composed for the show. The haunting song is "Line of Fire" by the Swedish band Junip, and here are some of the lyrics:

What would you do
If it all came back to you
Each crest of each wave
Bright as lightning
What would you say
If you had to leave today
Leave everything behind
Even though for once you're shining

If put to the test
Would you step back from the line of fire
Hold everything back
All emotions and desires

Convince yourself to be someone else
And hold back from the world
Your lack of confidence
What you choose to believe in
Dictates your rise or your fall
Dictates your rise or your fall

God. I'm already verklempt.

Here are the two images from the finale:

The first one makes me think we're seeing Walt leaving New Hampshire and heading back to Albuquerque; the second, based on Walt's clothes, seems to bring us back to date with the "Blood Money" premiere flash forward.

Things to consider about the name "Felina":

• It's an anagram of "finale."
• It may be an homage to a Marty Robbins song called “El Paso," which features a character named Felina (here's the whole El Paso theory).
• The word "Felina" can reportedly be made from these three chemical element symbols: Fe (Iron), Li (Lithium) and Na (Sodium):

Also, here's something I hadn't quite noticed during the flash-forward when Walt bought the M60:

That would be 800 rounds of ammo. In addition to the owner's manual, of course. Hol-ee shit.

Last but not least, I wanted to share these words on the finale from Breaking Bad executive producer and writer Peter Gould:

You can’t have everything happen that people want to have happen, but you can have the show be true to itself and have a rightness to it. I would never say that I think we’re gonna please everybody, but I think we pleased ourselves and we really felt like we hit the right ending for the work we’ve done over five seasons. I think the trick is not to change the game you’re playing while you’re playing it, not to start changing the rules. That was one of the things most difficult about the show, staying true to the intentions and rules set up pretty early on.

I think fans, the real fans who’ve stuck by the show, will love it. The only thing that that would please absolutely everybody would be palatable to everybody. It would be bland. Breaking Bad isn’t bland.

How excited are you for the Breaking Bad finale, guys?

Image via AMC

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