Leah Messer Finally Does the Right Thing & Joins Instagram

leah messerWhile I cannot deny taking a certain perverse amount of pleasure scrolling through Farrah Abraham's Instagram and shaking my head at her antics, her account seldom if ever brings a smile to my face. Jenelle Evans's makes me grin, but only because that woman loves her a selfie. If it's a pick-me-up I'm looking for, I don't expect to find it on any Teen Mom's feed.

But now that Leah Messer has joined Instagram, all that is changing. The long-absent Teen Mom has only just signed up, so the photos are slim. Still, if what she's got up now is any indication of things to come, her account could become my new go-to happy place!


While other moms from the show consider the program good for only showcasing their latest selfies, Leah is all family all the time. She had two adorable photos up of her girls that are sure to bring a smile to your face. I bet if I showed them to crazy men on the street, they would even crack a grin. Or, you know, steal my phone and abscond into the night.

Now that she's on board, my only question is -- what on earth took her so long? I look forward to loads more pics of Leah and her happy brood. I would even accept a few selfies, if only so that I might better understand what the deal is with her hair. You know I'm right.

Do you plan on following Leah's Instagram account?

Images via Twitter; Instagram

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