'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: A Beloved SAMCRO Member Gets Set Up

Sons of AnarchyOn last week's Sons of Anarchy, we saw yet again how ruthless Jax Teller can be. Remember when you were, like, actively rooting for him? Yeah, I hardly do either. Jax has definitely taken an increasingly dark path in recent episodes, and I'm not even sure that taking off his shirt can make him a likable character anymore.

We should probably test this theory, though. Maybe take off the pants too while we're at it, just to be absolutely certain he's beyond redemption.

Ahem. ANYWAY. Let's discuss what happened with the various players in last night's episode, which was titled "Poenitentia."

(Spoilers ahead!)


Toric. What's wrong with Toric's hands? More importantly, what's wrong with Toric's brain? Why are they turning a great character into an increasingly cartoonish psychopath? Well, Pyscho Toric accidentally gut-shoots, then purposefully head-shoots a prostitute in his hotel room, then decides to make the most of an awkward situation by using her bodily evidence to frame Nero for her death. Also, there's a truly gruesome scene of Toric trying to get information out of Nero's guys, Gomes and Fiasco, by shoving a beer bottle into their mouths one by one and trying to wrench the cap off. It's easily the most disgusting moment since Otto bit his own tongue off.

Clay. Jax goes to meet with Clay in jail, as Toric lurks behind one-way glass. (Side note: would an ex-marshal really have this much consistent access to prisoners?) Jax asks Clay if he's going to give up the club, Clay says no. Jax heads to the mirror and miraculously manages to stare into the exact spot where Toric is looking back (I'm focused on this because the following speech would have been slightly comical if he were addressing it, say, three feet to Toric's left), and says,

I’m sorry about your sister. I can feel how personal this is for you, but SAMCRO didn’t kill her. Otto acted alone, he’s not a member anymore. He’s just a broken guy, more than a few blocks from sane. I don’t give a shit what you do to him, but if you try to come after my wife, try to tie her to this murder, you’re gonna feel how personal this is for me.

With Clay unwilling to turn state's evidence, it looks like this might be the end of the road for him, but instead of being instantly killed by his fellow Pope-death-avenging inmates like everyone expected, they put him to work shanking another guy. Let this be a valuable lesson for us all: if you suspect you may be killed in jail, jump the gun by killing someone else -- because then you're be thrown into the relative safety of solitary confinement.

Colete. Jax spies on Barosky having sex with Colette. Ew.

Bobby. Bobby seems to have all the members he needs to patch out. Okay then! I guess we'll find out what happens with this storyline ... eventually. (Who carries a grease pencil? Bobby Munson does, that's who.)

Tara. Tara's pregnant. Or IS she? I have my suspicions, based on the fact that she needed her boss to do her a "favor" by running bloodwork for a pregnancy test. Tara's a doctor, she knows that peeing on a stick is about as accurate as it gets. I'm thinking there's a reason she needed an official-looking piece of paper for Jax to see. Is it for protection? If she isn't pregnant, what's going to happen as the weeks go on? Is Wendy involved in this somehow? Why does Tara, who used to be unconventionally beautiful, look like straight-up hammered shit all the time now? Girl, ditch that trashy tank top and fix your damn hair.

Wendy. Speaking of Wendy, she comes to Gemma with a sob story about some evil guy in her NA meetings threatening her. Gemma is sympathetic and they hug a lot before Gemma gives her a gun. Does no one remember their relationship from season 1? Anyway, it turns out the ugly bruise on her neck from the Evil NA Guy isn't real -- it's makeup. Applied, it must be said, more skillfully than whatever was slopped all over Opie's ex Lyla two episodes ago.

Tig. Amir Ghanezi, one of the torture porn Iranians SAMCRO attacked in the season premiere, coordinates a drive-by shooting. Jax and Barosky retaliate, but not before they learned Amir was seeking revenge for the death of his brother. You know, the guy Tig killed. Now that Tig has lied to Jax, Jax feels he can't wait any longer on turning Tig over to August Marks. Jax totally gives Tig the Godfather kiss of death, and we finish the episode with Tig completely caught by surprise as as August and his goons walk in on him. "Oh shit," he says. Oh shit indeed.

What did you think about this episode? Do you think Tig's going to live somehow? IS Tara really pregnant?

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