'I Dream of NeNe' Recap: Things Get Ugly When the Leakes Family Heads to Therapy

nene leakes Who do you go to when you are having doubts about marrying your ex for the second time? Why, Donald Trump of course. For most of us, this would prove difficult -- but not for NeNe Leakes! She and her orange turtleneck nod as The Donald quotes the immortal words of Kanye West regarding prenuptial agreements: "It's something that you need to have, 'cause when she leaves yo' a**, she's gonna leave with half."

NeNe may be all about the legal issues, but Gregg is 100 percent family focused. He ducks NeNe's talk about signing the necessary agreements and redirects the conversation towards what's on his mind -- clearing the air with his five adult kids. Talk about baggage.


NeNe goes to meet up with her bridesmaids -- including Atlanta Housewife Cynthia Bailey. As NeNe briefed the girls about who was who in the bridal party, I had a hard time paying attention. That's because Cynthia was wearing an outfit that looked as though she had gotten drunk and stuck in her closet. Did Mr. Magoo dress her? Or her hubby Peter Bailey? Can't you picture him sliding those round glasses up her nose and going, "... done!" Hilarious. 

The meeting with her bridesmaids was stressful. In fact, it was so stressful that a meeting with all of Gregg's kids seemed like a walk in the park. Dressed to the nines and offering tacos via delivery, NeNe welcomed Gregg's kids into the house. I kind of want to be one of Gregg's kids -- somebody buy me a Leakes Entertainment T-shirt please! 

The therapy session got off to a decent start. I was so optimistic. Because I am a sappy fool. But when it became clear that the kids blame NeNe for their lack of communication with their dad, and that Miss Thang was holding on to some of her own resentment, the talk got heated. Naturally, NeNe had to whip out her hammer for some serious smack-down. The episode ended in the middle of the battle, leaving us to wonder how badly things would escalate and who in the family was left nervously eating Mexican food while the others screamed.

Do you think Gregg and his kids will ever reconcile?

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