'Teen Mom' Mackenzie Douthit’s Bare Baby Bump Pics Make Us Wonder if She's Really Pregnant

mackenzie douthit bare baby bumpIt may be a high-risk pregnancy, but it looks like it's going well so far. Teen Mom Mackenzie Douthit McKee just posted her bare baby bump via Instagram. "18th week," she reports, which means she's already nearing the mid-point of her pregnancy. And she's still so tiny! Ah, to be 18 years old and made of Silly Putty. If we didn't know she was pregnant, I would think these were just post-pizza and beer night photos. Is there really a baby in there?!?

"For everyone asking how big I am.... not going to post these often but here ya go. Yes i sleep in joshes shorts," Mackenzie added. Aww, maybe she should post these photos more often. Someday she'll want to remember what she looked like pregnant. Can you believe this is her second baby?


Mackenzie is working on Baby Number Two already because of her Type 1 diabetes. Her doctor recommended she squeeze out those babies now, while she's so young, because the complications will get worse as she gets older. Also, her mom wouldn't let her get on birth control, so there's that, too.

Whatever the reason, baby McKee is on its way. As long as she's married and has her cosmetology license, Mackenzie might as well have those babies now. I remember a friend of mine doing the same thing after she had her first "oops!" baby. As she and her husband later put it, the animals had already escaped from the zoo, so there wasn't any point in putting them back in. Know what I mean?

Anyway, going by the photo, it looks like Mackenzie is not likely to get huge for this baby. She'll probably pop in a month or two, but she'll probably still keep carrying small. Which is fine! We all carry babies different ways, and there is no ONE ideal pregnancy -- only the best pregnancy for you. What matters most is that she stays healthy and keeps monitoring her health (especially that diabetes) with her doctor. Hope she posts more baby bump pics!

What do you think of Mackenzie's bare baby bump photos?


Image via Mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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