'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis: 3 Things That Could Make His Season the 'Most Dramatic' EVER

Juan Pablo GalavisWe still have a few months to go before it's actually back on the air, but plenty of fans are counting down the days until the new season of The Bachelor. For one thing, the show is about as mindless and entertaining as mindless and entertaining TV gets, so there's that. But throw in the fact that Juan Pablo Galavis is one serious hunk of eye candy, and you've got yourself a recipe for a series of very enjoyable Monday nights.

But would you believe there are actually a couple of Bachelor and Bachelorette alums who are predicting that Juan Pablo's season is going to tank?!? (Haters gonna hate.)


Remember William from Ashley Hebert's season of The Bachelorette? He recently told TV Guide, "I don't think America is going to get what they're looking for with Juan Pablo. He has the draw of the accent, but I think it'll get a little boring after a while. It's not going to go well."

And former Bachelor and Bachelor Pad star Michelle Money said, "It'll definitely be a sexy season that's either going to work really well or bomb really badly."

Gah. Why doesn't anyone have faith in this dude? Have they SEEN Juan Pablo? He's a little bit gorgeous and irresistible, which is more than enough to keep millions of women glued to the TV for the entire duration of his season.

And I guess I can see where some people would be a bit nervous about the language barrier -- but I can assure you that Juan Pablo will be anything but boring. In fact, I'm fairly confident that his season might prove to be one of the most drama filled and entertaining pieces of reality TV we've seen in a long time. I'll give you a few reasons why.

  1. He's a teetotaler -- (I know, such a shame.) But since he'll be stone cold sober, can you imagine how hilarious it's going to be watching a bunch of drunk girls fight over him at the opening cocktail party? We can expect plenty of tears, hiccups, and possibly even someone tripping over her heels and falling into the pool, which would be a total bonus.
  2. He's beyond HOT -- Um, hello? Who cares if there are a few awkward moments of silence in the conversation when Juan Pablo is out on a one-on-one date. All he has to do is take his shirt off, and whoever he's with will become putty in his hands. I'm telling you, these chicks will be doing everything in their power to get to the fantasy suite with him. (Who wouldn't?)
  3. He's different -- About that language barrier -- what's the big deal? Isn't it kind of refreshing to see someone from another culture take the reins this season as opposed to past Bachelors who are pretty much carbon copies of each other in one way or another? It could prove to be pretty interesting to see how he interacts with the women, and the cultural differences will make things a bit more unpredictable, which is always fun.

Come on people -- don't give up on Juan Pablo before his season even officially starts. I honestly believe we're in for a real treat this time around!

Are you excited about watching Juan Pablo as The Bachelor?


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