Ellen Pompeo Blasts Emmys for Huge, Glaring Flaw

ellen pompeoPeople are still talking about Sunday's Emmy Awards. While the surprise winners and hilarious speeches (I'm looking at you Merritt Wever) are definitely points for discussion, not everyone is giving the telecast awards for awesomeness. See what I did there? Awards on awards on awards, son. But anyway -- back to the folks talking Emmy-smack -- Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy is chief among the broadcast's detractors.

As the star of one of the most diverse shows on television, Ellen wasn't impressed. She spoke up about the white-washing of the show, which she thought was apparent. I quietly read all of her comments while nodding and saying "YES. THIS."


Grey's Anatomy has been going strong for 10 years. Creator Shonda Rimes's real-life approach to race portrayal on the drama has changed the way Pompeo views award shows like the Emmys. She had this to say in an interview she gave on Monday:

I didn't see any diversity in the Emmys at all. The Emmys felt so dated to me ... That dance number was embarrassing. Did you see one person of color in that dance number?

It's also worth noting that Kerry Washington star of THE GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME (it's not my personal bias -- it's fact -- okay it's my personal bias, but STILL) Scandal lost out on her potential Emmy win. Had Washington won, she would have been the first black woman to win an Emmy. The loss was palpable. Coincidentally, Scandal is also a Shonda Rimes project. Clearly the world needs more of Shonda and more of the actresses she chooses to helm her projects.

Did you agree with Ellen's opinions about the Emmys?


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