'The Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Joanna Krupa Goes Full-Bridezilla on Lisa Hochstein

lisa hochstein It's always awesome when the Housewives travel -- even if it's just from Miami to L.A. like in this week's episode. Joanna Krupa, Lea Black, and Lisa Hochstein head to L.A. for more Joanna-centric wedding planning. I knew everything was going to be awesome as soon as Lisa popped a pill on the plane and tried to put both her legs behind her head. The episode was going to be The Hangover meets Bridesmaids, I thought joyously. Hopefully with less intestinal distress. 

My theory was only further proved when it was revealed that Joanna essentially fills all of her rental homes with rescue animals. Her life is like a less-colorful real-life version of a Lisa Frank binder. It was at this point that I realized the episode wasn't going to be as nuts as I thought. Or maybe I was just focusing on the wrong story.


The ladies continued to fanny about L.A. The gang paid a visit to Lea's Hollywood Hills home and made sure that Lisa bought a Birkin bag (kind of 2009, right?). While all this was (boringly) unfolding, trouble was coming to a boil in Miami.

No, no, it wasn't Adriana De Moura. She spent most of the episode numbly planning her own nuptials to Fredric Marq, selecting a venue and just saying "Great Gatsby-themed" over and over again. Less people would pick it as a theme if they'd read it. Just saying. 

The real drama came from Alexia Echevarria! She's doing her best to keep her troubled son Peter from emulating his gangster daddy-dearest by putting him to work on her magazine. This almost works until Peter harassed a taxi driving for giving Alexia the finger. The fuzz were summoned! It was all touch and go for a second and I had so many feelings. And also none. Luckily, no arrests were made. THIS time. 

It was like the girls in L.A. could feel the strife back in Miami. Although Lisa's made it pretty clear that she would be a bridesmaid in Adriana's wedding if she were to ask, Joanna isn't having any of it. She demands that Lisa bow out, which feisty Madame Hochstein is not okay with -- she won't cave! Power to Lisa! That said, this fight is far from over.

Do you think Joanna was right to make Lisa choose between her and Adriana? 

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