Farrah Abraham Makes a Claim So Outrageous We Can Barely Laugh

farrah abrahamI think Farrah Abraham might have an evil twin. That's the only logical explanation behind her very existence. Think about it, doesn't it kind of make sense? One day she's classy, the next she's trashy? One day she's filming a sex tape (#backdoormom4lyfe), and the next she's claiming she doesn't care about fame.

Ha, ha, ha, that's right. My best friend Farrah (stay tuned for our web series coming never to a computer nowhere near you) recently spoke about her relationship with the media. Did you know Farrah doesn't want to be famous? Stupid evil twin, making Farrah an integral part of the D-List.


Keep in mind before you read her sage words, the woman has a new TV show in the works. So it's not like she's this century's Emily Dickinson, interviewed from her home, the crawlspace beneath her stairs.

I've never really been about fame or attention from the television and the people who see me on it. Now in our lives we are very choosy about reality television and what we do. I think if there's no real educational impact or showing advocacy for something, then, you know, I don't really think it's a good thing to be a part of.

I hate it when people use the word 'literally' as a means of emphasis, but I'm going to make an exception. That quote LITERALLY makes no sense. Not one whit. If Farrah really believes what she's saying, here are five other things she's likely to believe are true.

1. Unicorns

They exist, they have powers, and every day that passes is another chance for Farrah to meet one and befriend it.

2. Thunder Is Just Angels Bowling

Every time there is a thunderstorm, Farrah can be heard to yell out, "STRIKE!" Little does she knows, the angels are actually really into Settlers of Catan right now.

3. Invisibility

When Farrah doesn't want to deal with a problem, she believes that she "turns invisible." What actually happens is that she stops blinking and begins holding her breath while we all avoid her for fear she has gone quietly mad.

4. Cleaning Elves

Farrah doesn't own a mop, because she believes her home is cleaned by an army of well-meaning elves. You should see her bathroom.

5. Her Hair Has Powers

Farrah believes that her long hair gives her powers including super-strength. Thankfully she does not believe her hair has given her the ability to fly.

Do you think Farrah really isn't interested in fame?


Image via Instagram

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