'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Penny Drossos Confirms What Everyone Suspected About Teresa Giudice

Penny DrossosFinally, it was the moment we've been waiting for all season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey (also pretty much the only thing we've talked about all season) -- the showdown between Teresa Giudice and Penny Drossos. Or I should say the big moment take two after that first fake, staged one when Penny backed up Teresa's story that they were not friends (with Teresa staring her down).

Melissa Gorga (aka Melissa Gaga) confronted Teresa with the accusations Penny had made about her last week, and Teresa, of course, denied them, saying she didn't know Penny from a hole in the wall. Then tweets about the Lauritas faking their son's autism for publicity started coming from Penny's husband, and everyone wanted answers as to why these people were so focused on taking down their family. Kim D's big store opening provided the perfect opportunity.


Jacqueline wasted no time in confronting Penny, whose husband, Johnny, wasn't there. Penny denied that her husband had ever tweeted that about Jacqueline's son ... then she changed her tune and she said they were put up to it. She continued talking out of both sides of her mouth when Melissa pulled her away to talk to Teresa.

It was comical really with all the fingers flying and f-bombs going off. If only Teresa had saved her purple pimp outfit for this occasion, it would have been even better, but unfortunately she used that for her bizarro lunch/advice session with Victoria Gotti.

The whole Penny-Teresa confrontation was a bit hard to follow with all the yelling, but one thing came across very clear -- Penny said Teresa was behind everything. She said Teresa knew Melissa was being set up at the fashion show last year, and that she wanted to destroy her. Bam -- she confirmed what everyone has suspected about Teresa all along. The problem -- she's about as trustworthy as ... Teresa.

Teresa's only rebuttal was that Penny is crazy and wanted to destroy their family. I would really like to give Teresa the benefit of the doubt. I don't want to believe she'd really do these things to her own family, but she doesn't seem innocent either. And really, where else would Penny be getting all of this information? I think it's probably something like Jacqueline suggested -- Teresa started it all and then couldn't stop it when she wanted it stop. Now it's biting her in the ass. 

Next week's finale looks intense, complete the brawl that has several of them still facing assault charges. Weren't they just singing "Kumbaya"?

Who do you believe -- Teresa or Penny?


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