'Breaking Bad' Sneak Peek at 'Granite State': Skyler's in Danger (VIDEO)

Breaking BadThere are two very important things to know about this Sunday's Breaking Bad episode, titled "Granite State." Thing the first: this episode along with the series finale will be 75 minutes long, so make sure to program your DVR accordingly! Just imagine the sheer horror of watching it all the way to the end only to have the final moments cut off.

Thing the second: this is the penultimate episode. I know, right: WHAT DOES PENULTIMATE MEAN? It means second to last, so we are very very close to the entire Breaking Bad story coming to the bitter finish line.

What can we expect in "Granite State," the fifteenth episode of the fifth season and the sixty-first episode of the series altogether? Let's review the information that's out there -- but please, stop reading now if you're not caught up with the latest Breaking Bad


After last week's jaw-dropping "Ozymandias," Hank is dead, Walt Jr. finally knows the truth about his father, and Walt's on the run. The teaser for Sunday's show implies that somebody's after Walt's family, but is it the DEA or Jack? Check it out:

The only voice we hear is Saul's:

You're worried about your wife and kids. If they don't have you, they're going after her. There are two DEA agents missing, presumed dead. How much time have you got left?

Who is Saul talking about, law enforcement or Jack and the Nazis? Is it possible the DEA already has Jesse's recorded confession, meaning that the both the agency AND Jack's gang will be chasing Walt -- and in his absence, turning to his family? What can we infer from that quick glimpse of Jesse, other than the confirmation that he's still alive (so far)?

Honestly, I'm done speculating about what's going to happen, because we are going to find out soon enough. I just want to enjoy (is that even the right word for this show?) these last episodes.

That said, I can't help myself … here are four tantalizing factoids about this episode:

• The official show synopsis is this: "Events set in motion long ago move toward a conclusion."

• The "Granite State" is New Hampshire, where Walt's fake ID from last season's "Live Free or Die" episode says he is from.

• PBS talk show host Charlie Rose revealed that he makes a cameo appearance as himself in this episode.

• Last week, Vince Gilligan said, "Our next episode is titled 'Granite State', and in it … look for Walt to get a new pair of glasses".


Want to share your theories for how Breaking Bad's going to wrap everything up?

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