'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Briana's Mom Shows You Don't Mess With Her Baby Girl

Teen Mom Briana DeJesusIt can't be easy to be the parent of a Teen Mom (or a teen mom, for that matter). But if there was ever a mother who was tailor-made for the gig, Briana Dejesus' mom Roxanne is it. She has her daughter's back, front, side ... you name it. And as we saw on tonight's Teen Mom 3, when you mess with the cub, you better be prepared for mama bear.

Briana was tangling with -- who else -- her daughter's father, Devoin Austin, tonight. And despite only showing up to see his little girl when it suits him, Devoin still seems to think Briana owes him something. He was acting like a class A jerk and then he really went for the jugular.


Devoin taunted Briana about having grown up without a father. 

Technically, he's only half right. Briana's dad was around until she was about 8, when Roxanne told him to hit the road because she said he wasn't pulling his weight as a father or husband. Regardless, the cruel taunt was enough to bring Roxanne straight into the living room to defend her daughter ... and kick Devoin's sorry behind out of the house.

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Things got a little heated when Roxanne threw a plant off her front porch as Devoin walked away, but she cooled off and made a point to apologize for her behavior, even telling little Nova that this is not how grandma is supposed to act.

We've seen a wide range of parents on the various Teen Mom shows over the years, but Roxanne may be one of the strongest and most involved yet. Her daughter may have made a teenage mistake, but it hasn't stopped her from loving her or, more importantly, from being there for her. 

The kind of mother she had shows in Briana -- she is utterly devoted to Nova and to doing right by her daughter, even if that means throwing the girl's father out of her life. Tonight she finally had that order of protection filed against Devoin, and of course Roxanne was right there with her.

The family backgrounds of some of the other girls on the show are becoming bigger issues for them too. It turns out Katie Yeager's dad spent time in jail for drugs ... and now she worries boyfriend Joey Maes is going to follow the same path. And like Devoin did to Briana, Joey uses Katie's dad against her, taunting her about her father's mistakes.

As for Alex Sekella, it's her daughter's father, Matt McCann, who is the one dealing with a drug issues. Tonight we saw he failed a drug test, despite telling his counselor that he's been clean.

Mackenzie Douthit seems to be the only one without some sort of daddy drama at the moment, unless you count her dad screwing up the directions for a drive to Josh McKee's big rodeo. They got there too late to see Josh ride, but it didn't matter much -- he got disqualified. Doesn't look like it's going to be easy for him to make a living as a cowboy. He's going to have to find a better way to support his family.

What did you think of Roxanne's freak-out at Devoin? Was she being a good mom or was it too much?


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