Vanderpump Rules' Season 2 Teaser Reveals the Cast Is More Out-of-Control Than Ever (VIDEO)

vanderpump rulesI've had many a sleepless night lately not knowing what the second season of 'Vanderpump Rules' is going to entail (I take my Bravo seriously). So imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to a delicious new teaser. Lisa Vanderpump and the gang at Sur are back!

If you're expecting an impeccable dining experience, you might do better eating elsewhere. But if you want to watch your hot server throw a drink in the bartender's face -- you've come to the right place. Check out the trailer for the daily special: Scandal, scandal, and scandal. For dessert there will also be scandal.


From what we can make out in the trailer, this is going to be one crazy season. Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder are back on again, and then off again, and then there's slapping? I don't get Jax's appeal, but I have zero complaints about watching his love life unravel for my amusement. It also looks like we can depend on more than a little nudity this season. That's cool, clothes are overrated.

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Most importantly perhaps, we can depend on Lisa herself overseeing all of these antics like the classiest ringleader there ever was. When she's not slapping down the drama, she's donning a pink captain's hat and sipping demurely on cocktails. Nothing shocks this chill broad. Which is good, because a crazy show like this one is going to need its center. Be sure to check it out when it comes back November 4th

Are you going to watch Vanderpump Rules this season?

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