Maci Bookout's Attitude Toward Homework Will Really Help Her Son (VIDEO)

bentley homeworkCan you believe Maci Bookout's little guy is already old enough for homework? He's not working on algebra yet, but he sure knows his alphabet. In a new Keek video we get to see Maci helping Bentley with his homework, and it's adorable. Bentley is coloring duck's feet -- the ones with the letter "D" inside get colored orange. Sounds like your kids' homework, too?

Bentley's clearly the star of this video, but Maci does something that wins us over, too. She's helping Bentley with his homework -- not that he can't do it himself, but it's important to engage with your kids over school work. It's quality time with your kids. Even better, we love her attitude.


Bentley colors out of the lines at one point. He's probably distracted by his mom taking a video of him and asking him questions (which he doesn't want to answer). "Mama ..." Bentley says when he notices he's messed up. Not every kid cares, but that's the kind of thing that would cause my own son some consternation. He gets hung up on getting everything just right. But Maci says, "Oh my goodness, you scribbled everywhere. That's okay! Keep going. Pick another one."

And that's the best attitude for homework. It shouldn't be about getting everything exactly perfect. It's about practicing and trying again if you didn't get it right. No pressure! Just keep going.

When Bentley gets older, he'll start feeling a lot more pressure for his homework. So it's good that Maci's getting him off to a chill start. He's just a little guy learning the basics. Maci is getting him off to a great start by making homework a quiet time with Mama.

hhahaha he makes me laugh!

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Do your kids feel stressed about homework?


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