Catherine Giudici Admits She's Been 'Faking It'

catherine giudiceYou guys, Catherine Giudici is totally faking it. She said so herself: "I'm a faker," Catherine wrote in the blog The Divine Addiction. You knew it all along, right? Oh -- you think I'm referring to her love for Sean Lowe? Hahahahaha, no. Why would you think they're faking their love? Whatever gave you that idea? No, I mean she says she's faking her wardrobe.

"I have a handful of luxury items," Cath confesses, "but most of my things come from consignment stores, recycled shops, and online sites’ sales." Why Catherine, we're shocked! We thought ABC dressed you. We knew you were a savvy dresser, but we had no idea you were this savvy! But if anything, Catherine's version of faking it is as true and real as it gets.


There are tricks to buying for value. You can interpret that word however you like, but value is important when it comes to fashion. It isn’t synonymous with money and it can determine what you think is important to your personal style.

I love this philosophy. If you're into consignment, vintage, or thrift shopping, this is excellent advice. I think it means you do your homework. What's important to your personal style? What do you love? What makes you look your best? What fabrics and cuts make you feel beautiful?

I think it also helps to "visit" high-end shops and check out labels just to see what the standard is. Then, when you see the real deal at a vintage store (and they're out there!), you recognize it when you see it. Who doesn't want to be that woman who pulls out a dress from the racks and says, "Wow, the stitching and tailoring of this wool shift are sublime!"

(Okay, fine, we don't all use the word "sublime.")

Anyway, what could be less fake than being true to your own style, no matter where you shop? Catherine seems to have a great eye, so she knows what she's talking about. Here's to being the best kind of faker there is.

Do you ever shop at consignment, thrift, or vintage stores?


Image via Sean Lowe/Instagram

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