Adrienne Maloof’s Ex Is Making a Big Mistake With His New Reality Show

paul nassifHow much have you missed Adrienne Maloof's ex-husband Paul Nassif lately? Unless you are one of Paul's (probably non-existent) mega-fans, the logical response here is either "uh, not at all" or "who?" It's been a while since Paul's apathetic mug graced our television screens, but that's all about to change.

Apparently Paul has inked a deal to shoot a plastic surgery themed reality show for E!. The concept seems kind of compelling. On the show, Paul will specialize in repairing the mistakes of other plastic surgeons. Too bad that he's got about as much personality as a blobfish.


I doubt Paul's new show will be around for long. The only times Paul was entertaining on Beverly Hills was when he was surrounded by that show's more charismatic characters. Without a Brandi Glanville or a Kim Richards to cheer on or make fun of, I doubt Paul will pass muster.

Besides, most people at this point are staunchly Team Adrienne. I don't think I'm alone when I say tuning in to watch Paul's show feels like I'm announcing that I've switched sides. Besides, I'd much rather watch the Maloof prance about her mansion making demands of her chef before continuing in her bid for world domination than watch Paul fix a botched butt-lift.

Are you going to watch Paul's new show?


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