Intense 'RHOBH' Season 4 Trailer Shows Brandi Glanville Kissing a Witch & SO Much More (VIDEO)

rhobhTrailers, of course, are meant to be tantalizing, but the sneak peek for season four of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is so hot, Lisa Vanderpump needs a cigarette by the end of it. There are accusations, insinuations, and feuds a brewin'. Not to mention, one of the new Housewives is an actual witch (and no that's not a typo for b*tch).

It's only about two and half minutes long, but it's packed with drama. Here are five of the teases we're most excited to watch play out this season.


1. Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville's feud

They were such great friends, and now ... it's ugly. At one point we hear Brandi say to Lisa, "I know you're the best chess player of all time, but I just checkmated you, bitch."

2. Mauricio Umansky Cheating Rumors

"F#ck all of you," Kyle Richards says when the ladies bring up what they've been hearing. Will it be revealed that her perfect-seeming marriage isn't so perfect after all?

3. The Witch

New girl Carlton Gebbia is the self-professed witch. Her Bravo bio talks about her Gothic-inspired home and her children named Destiny, Mysteri, and Cross. Can't wait to see what kind of spells she has up her sleeves.

4. Brandi's make-out session with Carlton

We see them kissing in a pool. "Carlton is a badass," Brandi says. "She's hot! I like her!" Will there be more to that story?!

5. Kim Richards attacking Ken Todd

What the heck did he do to deserve her wrath? "I'm tired of your goddamn mouth!" she tells him. "You're a big, stubborn old man. Shut up!" Woah.

We're certainly not going to be missing Adrienne Maloof with all of this going down. The season starts November 4, which isn't nearly soon enough.

Are you excited for this season of RHOBH? Which city is your favorite?


Image via Bravo

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