Crazy 'Teen Mom' Star Shares Phone Number With Thousands of Fans

Maci Bookout Ryan EdwardsIf you ever wanted to give a Teen Mom star a piece of your mind, grab your phone. Ryan Edwards, aka the former fiance of Maci Bookout, seems to have given the entire world his phone number.

Either Bentley's daddy is really brave, really mean ... or really stupid! Take your pick!


Ryan shared the number via a tweet this week, telling his 389,000-plus followers:



The number was retweeted nearly 100 times, quickly spreading across the Internet.

It's highly possible that this isn't actually the Teen Mom star's number. He hails from Tennessee, but 240 is an area code associated with the western half of Maryland.

He could have an out-of-area cell number, but it's just as likely that Ryan could be pranking someone by subjecting them to the inevitable flurry of phone calls that are to be expected when a celebrity's phone number gets released.

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At least, we're hoping Ryan would realize that there would be a flurry of phone calls if that happened? And maybe worse? He's no stranger, after all, to the tricks identity thieves employ to mess with reality stars.

This is the guy who made a YouTube video to announce that he'd joined Twitter so that people could see and hear him talking about his official account. In it, former girlfriend Dalis Connell spouted off at the creators of a fake Ryan Edwards Facebook account

He can't be stupid enough not to realize he'd have a mess on his hands if he let out his real number.

Which leaves us with two options: brave or mean.

Brave if it's his. Mean if it's someone else's.

What do you think? Are you going to give the number a try?


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