Joanna Krupa & Adriana De Moura Won't Like What Their Husbands Have Been Up To Lately

joanna krupaThere's no love lost between Joanna Krupa and Adriana De Moura. The Miami Housewives are fine with being enemies, but their husbands' recent love-fest might make things awkward. Joanna recently talked about how her new hubby Romain Zago made peace with Frederic Marq. Romain had previously taken Frederic to task for remarks he'd made about Joanna. Joanna had this to say:

I think it was very classy and big of Romain to decide to meet up with Frederic. Romain isn't the type of person that will allow anyone to disrespect me, and the fact he wanted to set a good example makes me love him even more and proves that he has an amazing heart.

Sure, she says that now. But what happens when down the line Romain and Frederic start hanging out more? Will she be singing the same tune?


The two wives may still be bitter rivals, but what's to stop French-speaking Romain and Frederic from bonding over their love of the language and possibly brie cheese and berets? I can't imagine either of their ladies really being okay with the men developing a true friendship.

Can you imagine Romain and Frederic sneaking around to spend time together? Joanna would be immediately suspicious that Romain had another girl he was seeing on the sly! Adriana probably wouldn't notice Frederic was gone. She'd be too busy talking smack about Lea Black.

Do you think the women would ever let their men be real friends?


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