Snooki's Complaints About 'DWTS' Rehearsals Mean She's Already Feeling the Pressure (VIDEO)

Snooki & Sasha FarberFans definitely had high hopes for her first performance on the premiere of Dancing With the Stars season 17, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi did not disappoint with her sizzling cha cha!

OMG, you guys. She was awesome. It's going to be so exciting to see her progress from week to week. Considering how stiff the competition is this time around, let's just hope she can hang in there without letting the long rehearsals get the best of her.

Based on a couple recent Twitter posts, it sounds like Snooki is already starting to feel the weight of dancing for hours on end each day -- and she's not exactly thrilled about it.


First, she gave us a small clue as to how hard she's working to prepare for next week's performance by saying:

Snooki twitter

And then she followed up with:

Snooki twitter

(I have to agree that the ice cream is overdue. She's worked her ass off. Literally.)

Hmm. Sounds like her poor feet are getting a real workout this week. If I had to guess, I'd say she's probably going to be dancing the quick step or the jive next Monday, given the comment about her ankles snapping off.

And while she'd be worn out regardless of where she's training for DWTS, the fact that Snooki is rehearsing in New Jersey and then flying out to L.A. each week for the performance shows is bound to take its toll on her more and more as time goes on. Do you believe she's doing that -- all because she's such a great mom and probably doesn't want to uproot Lorenzo? You gotta give her credit for having her priorities in line.

Still, jetting back and forth between the east and west coast is going to cut into her dancing time a bit. Hopefully it won't have an impact on how well she does in the competition.

And hopefully her feet will start to adjust to all the work they're doing -- because they're only going to take more of a beating as the weeks continue.

Hang in there, Snooki -- so many of us are rooting for you!

In case you missed her cha cha performance, here's the clip. She really knows how to shake it!


Do you think the competition will get the best of Snooki?


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