'I Dream of NeNe' Premiere Recap: No Wonder NeNe Leakes Wants a Prenup

Gregg and NeNe LeakesI always kind of felt for Gregg Leakes when it came to his arguments with NeNe. She can be so demanding and overbearing, and he just seemed to be in the way to some extent. After tonight's premiere of I Dream of NeNe, however, I'm starting to wonder how much of the real Gregg we've ever seen.

The big question is what did he do that led to the end of their first marriage -- specifically, did he cheat he on NeNe? They both seem to agree that what went wrong between them was his fault, and he got more than a little bit defensive when the therapist tried to talk about what happened. "There are some things that are personal that are going to die personal," he said.

That plus a radio interview NeNe did this morning makes it seem more than a little likely that he may have strayed during his first marriage to NeNe.


She told Access Hollywood Live this morning: “He was doing things outside of his marriage that he shouldn’t have been,” she said. When Billy Bush asked if Gregg was cheating, NeNe responded, “I didn’t say that, you did.”

Hmmm, could be. If so, then that definitely justifies her desire for a prenup more than ever. Hopefully, it won't be a once-a-cheater-always-a-cheater scenario, but it's a common phrase for a reason. And the bottom line is that she's been through a divorce with this man before and knows what a struggle it was, so getting a prenup is just smart. How much Gregg will fight signing one remains to be seen. NeNe said she knows it's not going to be an easy conversation because "it's not romantic, it’s not sexy, it’s not 'look at my big titties.'"

There's also the matter of Gregg's five adult children from his first marriage who have never gotten along with NeNe. NeNe is right to want him to get those affairs in order before the wedding, but previews show it's not going to be easy. She also has to figure things out with her own father, Curtis.

So they have some big issues to work on before they actually say "I do" again, and some that will probably follow them into their marriage. Despite the issues, however, they seem truly happy, in love, and determined to make this marriage work ... again. Bring on the Bridesmaidzillas.

What did you think of the premiere of I Dream of NeNe?


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