Sean Lowe’s Sister Reveals the Horrible Truth About the Lowe Family

sean loweBachelor contestant and fiance Sean Lowe sure came across as perfect. Perfect smile, perfect abs, and even a perfect family. When the Lowe crew emerged from whatever Mt. Olympus neighborhood of Dallas they come from, viewers were stunned by their golden perfection and were forced to scramble for their sunglasses. But do not be deceived, says Sean's sister, Shay. It's all a lie. A LIE, I TELL YOU! Shay says the Lowe family is far from perfect.


Our family was represented well on both shows but I don’t think it accurately describes us. I have had many people say that our family looks 'perfect' ... well, it’s not. My family is great and I’m incredibly blessed but it’s far from perfect. What you saw on both of those shows was just three days out of our lives. We have a wonderful family but I would hate for anyone to think it’s perfect. No family is perfect.

Oh gawd. #HUMBLEBRAG. ®Humblebrag™ ©Sean'ssister. Ooh, don't you just HATE it when reality TV makes you look good? Like when the editing is actually flattering instead of, you know, real? Damn you, editors! Making the Lowes look attractive and convivial. That is the worst.

Look, Shay: Shush. Just enjoy the gift the television gods have bestowed upon you and your family. You do know this doesn't happen to everyone, right? You got lucky, so just go with it. Your history with kleptomania was not crucial to The Bachelor plotline. Neither was your dad's troubling predilection for dressing up in clown costumes in non-birthday party contexts. Your mother's grotesque lobster-shaped jello mold hording, your husband's dangerous Necco Wafer addiction -- none of us needed to see any of that because it didn't fit well with the Sean Lowe Perfect Guy storyline.

We know it's all fake. But we don't care. So enjoy your fake-perfection. Congratulations, your 15 minutes of fame were not embarrassing. What more could you possibly want from reality TV?

Did you really believe the Lowe family is as perfect as it seemed on TV?


Image via Sean Lowe/Twitter

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