'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Wedding Details Revealed

Kailyn Lowry Javi MarroquinIt's heeeeeeere! Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's wedding weekend is here! C'mon, Teen Mom 2 fans, you know you're excited for everyone's favorite pregnant Teen Mom to get married! Well, OK, remarried.

The big to-do set for September 21, aka this Saturday, is wedding number two for Kail and Javi, who technically tied the knot in a quickie ceremony last year. But this is the real deal, with bridesmaids, the big gown, and everything, and here's everything we know about the big day:


1. Where's it going down: Kail hails from Pennsylvania, so it's only natural that she'd get married in the Keystone State. It looks like they'll be in the Philadelphia area according to Javi, who tweeted back in July that he was struggling to find a hotel suite for his groomsmen in the City of Brotherly Love.

2. Where they're registered: The couple registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and despite a snafu when someone put up a fake registry, their gift requests were being filled pretty quickly.

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3. Who's in the wedding party: It's going to be a big, fat Guatemalan wedding, and Javi's best man is his brother, Sal Marroquin, and his brother-in-law Kyle Duch is one of his groomsmen. At one point Kail was talking about having eight bridesmaids, and in a recent photo that she labeled "half of my bridesmaids," she was hanging with her pals Christina Pietrobon, Gigi, and Toni.

4. The skinny on the ceremony: The happy couple is doing it all in an aquarium with sharks. And they're writing their own vows. Kail already read hers to Isaac (and got an "I do").

5. Who's NOT helping the couple: Chelsea Houska and her friend Landon offered to help Kailyn's bridal party with their hair, but MTV said no.

6. Who's on the guest list: Teen Mom 3 star Briana Dejesus and sister Brittany got an official invite, and Kailyn has referred to the big day as an MTV reunion, so it's expected that other stars of the show will be on hand. Considering she attended Leah Calvert's wedding to husband Jeremy (yup, they were there, but MTV hid them), here's guessing they're high on that list!

7. Who's footing the bill: MTV might be taping the wedding, but Kail has made it pretty clear that she and Javi are financially stable ... and they're paying for this shindig.

8. The decor: The tables will all be decorated with photographs ... of the bridge and groom!

9. The hashtag: Want to follow along? Everyone involved in the wedding is tweet with the #KaviWedding hashtag.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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