'Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Lea Black Had a Secret Wedding Too?!

Adriana De Moura and Alexia EchevarriaWell, this could be interesting. Tonight on The Real Housewives of Miami, Adriana de Moura dropped a seemingly big bombshell. She produced an article from People that ran back in March 1995 that described Lea Black's (who was Lisa Haller at the time) secret wedding. Yes, another secret wedding!

Drooling with this bit of information she somehow happened upon, Adriana read quotes from family and friends who said they were shocked Lea was married when the secret one was revealed a few months after the fact. "Let’s call it like it is -- hypocrite to the bone,"  Adriana said.

Could it be? While there's a big difference between not telling people you're married for four months (as it appears Lea may have done) and for four years (as in Adriana's case), it is interesting that Lea never thought to mention her secret wedding in all of their discussions about Adriana's secret wedding.


I'm not ready to call Lea a hypocrite yet, but I am most interested in hearing her explanation for this one. I've been on Lea's side so far, but this makes me wonder if there's more than she's been showing. In the article she says they kept the first marriage secret because they "didn't want to take the edge off their family wedding" with their marriage via notary republic. That's understandable but still seemingly shady after her attack on Adriana.

Adriana hasn't confronted her with this new information yet, but you know it's coming. Whether it will happen at Lea's son birthday party or not, who knows. That party couldn't get much crazier.

Between the bizarre theme (warm games and orchestra music?), the rain, and Lea making all her friends serenade her son, it was an interesting party to say the least. Adriana came in at the last minute and completely ignored Lea, which was rude, and I'm not sure why she even came. 

At least Romain and Frederic made up, and Frederic and Joanna actually exchanged a few civil words. Even what I thought might be a tense encounter between Alexia Echevarria and Lea after Alexia skipped Lea's gala turned out to be pretty calm. Lea said she was over it and wasn't going to hold a grudge. Done. It's too bad things between her and Adriana can't be as simple.

Next week Lea, Joanna, and Lisa are off to L.A. to do some wedding preparations for Joanna's big day -- can't wait to hear what Adriana thinks of that.

What do you think about Adriana's bombshell?


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