Brandi Glanville's Birthday Gift to Lisa Vanderpump Could Finally End Their Feud

Brandi glanville, lisa vanderpumpYou've probably noticed an excess of tiny dogs wearing pink conical hats lately. That's because it was Lisa Vanderpump's birthday! Big L (which is a terrible nickname for which I apologize) turned 52. With her happy day came all sorts of glad tidings from the twitterverse.

Lisa's a popular lady with a busy social calendar. It goes to follow that she'd receive several wishes for happy returns. But one "birthday gift" in particular was a little bit surprising.


Brandi Glanville tweeted nicely at Lisa! While Brandi and Lisa used to be besties, storm clouds gathered over their fabulous Beverly Hills friendship. A lot of potential different reasons for their tiff have surfaced. For one, Brandi thinks that Lisa used her to help gain publicity for her Sur employee, Scheana Marie, who slept with Brandi's ex Eddie Cibrian. If it's true, it's uncool.

Whatever the cause for their spat, everyone was playing nice on Lisa's b-day. Brandi tweeted her well-wishes to her friend. It was enough to warm the cockles of my icy, icy heart. Does this mean that the duo is on the road to being the best of friends once more? Only time (and maybe Giggy who I've heard has psychic abilities) will tell.

Do you think Brandi and Lisa are close to making amends?


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