Figuring Out the Gender of 'Teen Mom' Mackenzie Douthit's Baby Is a Piece of Cake (VIDEO)

mackenzie douthitBy now you've probably heard that Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit is pregnant with her second child. And as if that news wasn't riveting enough on its own, I'll do ya one better: Douthit is having a girl! Yay! Champagne pops! Neon pink onesies! Trumpette infant socks with little black sandals knitted on them!

And if this news still hasn't made your day, there's this: Mackenzie revealed the gender of her baby-to-be in the most adorable way possible. And she posted a video of the special occasion to Instagram! Check out the girly baby joy:


A gender reveal cake! Love that she did this! (In fact, love it so much I did it myself when I was pregnant.) Look how excited her friends and family are for her and her husband Josh in the video. I think a gender reveal cake is such a sweet way to incorporate the people you love into your baby joy. Who doesn't love a surprise? And who doesn't love cake?

Congrats to Mackenzie and Josh on their little girl! And congrats to all their loved ones who are clearly just as excited as they are for Gannon to gain a sister!

Did you reveal the gender of your baby in a special way?


Image via Mackenzie Douthit/Instagram

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