'Sister Wives' Recap: The Browns Face Off With Unfriendly Former Polygamists (VIDEO)

christine and kodyOh, Kody Brown, you old so-and-so! Just when I'm about ready to write you off (again), you go ahead and do something that makes me kind of like and/or respect you. Take last week, for example: I was totally done with the dude after his seemingly abrupt change of heart re: another baby with Meri/Robyn's offer of surrogacy. (Not because I think he needs more kids, just cause I felt bad for Meri. I mean, way to jerk a gal around!!)

But last night's episode of Sister Wives, "Sister Wives on the Ropes," made me look at the guy in another light altogether. See, most of the show revolved around Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn's decision to represent the postive side of plural marriage on a panel about the polygamist experience. Problem was, pretty much everyone else on the panel was a former polygamist (or child of a polygamist family) with bad, bad memories to share. 


Uh-oh, right? Right. While the two sides managed to keep things civil during the initial presentation, once the audience started asking questions, that facade of friendlness faded -- and fast! The whole thing quickly turned into one big "Bash the Browns" party, and to be perfectly honest, it was painful to watch -- except that Kody actually did a pretty damn good job of defending his family's way of life while under attack, making sane, rational arguments such as:

I think it's patently unfair and unjust, in fact, to say polygamy is evil just because evil happened to you in polygamy. Monogamists have abuse. Other societies have abuse, other religions have abuse ... non-religions have abuse. You're paintiing us through your experience. I'm not recommending plural marriage for everybody, I'm asking permission from the world to allow me and those who choose to do it -- choose.

I mean, I'd sooner pluck my own eyeball out than enter into a plural marriage, but the dude has a point. At the end of the day, no matter what you believe about polygamy, you've got to respect a family's right to live the way they want to live, assuming nobody's getting hurt -- and while bruised feelings are commonplace around the Brown household(s), I truly believe all of them try wholeheartedly to be good parents and spouses. 

Did you tune in last night? Check out this clip and tell us: 

Do you think it's fair for former polygamists to hate on the Brown family?


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