Jenelle Evans' Behavior Should Be a Warning Sign to Boyfriend Nathan Griffith

jenelle evansTrust is crucial in a relationship. Without it, things can quickly veer off the course from blissful to suspicious. If any Teen Mom has a reason to give a boyfriend the side-eye, it's Jenelle Evans. I'm not saying this because I don't think she and Nathan Griffith have a good thing going. I'm saying this because she has dated a colorful cast of losers who I wouldn't trust as far I could throw them. This is really saying something, because I am incredibly weak.

But now that she's with Nathan, it's like Jenelle's been brainwashed. With the way Nathan's been behaving lately (his DUI for one), no one would blame her for dumping him. At the very least, she could admit to proceeding with caution. Jenelle seems like she's more into the dude than ever. But is it all an act? 


Recently on Twitter, Jenelle admitted to going through Nathan's phone. Don't get it twisted, she's not digging up dirt, she's reading all his texts because ... she trusts him so much. Yeah, because that makes total sense.

Using Jenelle's logic I should give my cats all of the treats in the house because I trust them not to gorge themselves to death. In other words, Jenelle is making not one ounce of sense, and my cats are pigs. Trusting someone isn't about just saying it. Real trust is demonstrated through actions. Jenelle may be saying one thing, but her actions are telling a whole other story.

Do you think Jenelle really trusts Nathan?

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