'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka Co-Hosts New Dating Show & He Doesn't Suck as Much as You'd Expect

Jake PavelkaHuh. When I first heard that former Bachelor Jake Pavelka was guest starring on The Girl's Game (an online dating show), my first thought was, "Why the hell is Pavelka dishing out dating advice? He doesn't know the first thing about women!"

And then I heard the subject matter of his episode and I laughed (and snorted) even harder. Jake appears on the show alongside host Mehow to give a woman named Danica tips on how to find the inner bad boy in seemingly good guys -- because she's always getting her heart broken by dudes with big muscles and tattoos. (The classic bad boy stereotype.)

If anyone fits the description of a bad guy all wrapped up in a neat and tidy good guy package, it's Pavelka for sure. (Remember his infamous confrontation with Vienna Girardi? 'Nuff said.)


And then I watched Jake's episode of The Girl's Game -- which is surprisingly hilarious.

First Jake tells Danica how he gets all sorts of emails from people asking him for love advice (WTF?). Then she explained how she needs to break the whole bad boy cycle.

And then Mehow gives her tips on how to find the bad in the good dude -- by hitting on Jake for practice.

This is where things suddenly get entertaining -- based on three "tests" she gives Jake to gauge his naughty factor.

And I don't want to ruin the whole thing for you because I know you're dying to watch it -- but here's a little tease for ya. Danica asks Jake, "If there was a wanted poster for you, what would it be for?"

To say that his reply is a doozie really doesn't do it justice.

He says, "Dry ice bombs in a mailbox?"

(Uhhh, what?)

I hate to say it, people -- but I might be even more freaked out by Pavelka than ever after hearing that answer. (Yes, I know he was joking. Or was he?)

And I still stand by my first reaction when I heard Jake was appearing on The Girl's Game: He's definitely not qualified to dish out dating advice.

But he is fairly entertaining to watch, and if nothing else, watching Danica go up to random men and hit on them is great for a few laughs.

Damn. I'm sure glad I'm not part of the dating pool. (It's scary out there.)

Would you take love advice from Jake?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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