Jimmy Fallon's 'Breaking Bad' Parody Is Funniest Thing You'll See All Week (VIDEO)

jimmy fallon breaking bad spoofWith only six more months left of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon until he takes over for Leno and just three episodes left of Breaking Bad until that turns into a spinoff called Better Call Saul (um, no thanks), it makes total sense the two amazingnesses combined. And that they did in a parody no one could have done as well as Jimmy Fallon. That's Jimmy by the way in this photo. Not Walter White. Jimmy!

There are some great cameos in this spoof called Joking Bad. And it brings back some of our favorite moments from Breaking Bad. Check it out, but prepare yourself for unexpected cameos and some serious laughs ... and seeing Gus laugh his ass off. Literally!


"Let's joke, bitch!"

Did you catch the whiteboard behind Steve Higgins (Jesse) and Jimmy (Walt) with the equation: Anthony Weiner + One Direction = One Erection? Joking bad!! Higgins and Fallon capture their meth makers to perfection. Like Blue. Heisenberg-approved. Ad Miles makes a great Hank. A skinny Hank, but a great Hank.

I always get confused when I see Bryan Cranston with a full head of hair and loved seeing him pop up in the audience of Fallon's show, along with Jesse. I mean, Aaron Paul. I mean, MY GOSH HE'S SO CUTE! Don't die, Jesse. Please don't die. Aaron gives Fallon a "boooo bitch!" and Cranston throws a pizza at him. Perfect! Just like seeing Jay Leno at the end.

I'm thrilled Jimmy's taking over for Leno. Not thrilled Breaking Bad is almost over ... forever. I'll take a Jesse spin-off instead please.

What was your favorite moment from Joking Bad?


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