Nina Dobrev's Cryptic Tweet Reveals Why She May Have Dumped Ian Somerhalder

nina dobrev It's not surprising that when it comes to manners, Nina Dobrev considers herself to be an expert. I mean, she's a pretty classy lady. She knows her own worth, and she expects to be treated a certain way. She made this really clear yesterday on Twitter. 

She talked chivalry and shared her thoughts on how guys should treat gals. It's clear Nina's got a lot of opinions on the subject. It makes you wonder, has she dated a lot of less-than-polite guys in the past? And could this include her ex Ian Somerhalder?


Nina took to Twitter to share a rather pointed image. In the vintage photo, a man is opening the car door for a woman. The accompanying text reads, "Real Men Still Do This." Nina adds her own caption saying, "Message for 21st Century men."

nina dobrev twitter
She went on to reply to some of her followers, talking about the importance of treating a girl like a lady. All this points to Nina having spent time with some dudes who had piss-poor manners. Could it be true that Ian Somerhalder doesn't hold doors open? NINA! Don't ruin our image of Ian as a knight in shining armor! Hopefully he's still reading her tweets regularly and will take his ex-girlfriend's advice.

Do you think Ian Somerhalder isn't chivalrous? 

Image via Instagram

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