Elizabeth Berkley Shares the 1 Thing Guaranteed to Help Her Win ‘DWTS’

elizabeth berkleyIt's almost time for Dancing With the Stars to begin and we can't wait! We've already got our top picks for which members of the starry firmament are sure to ace this competition. Right now, Elizabeth Berkley's at the top of our list of famous competitors.

Elizabeth recently opened up about her experience training with partner Val Chmerkovskiy. What she shared in her interview about working with him is surprising and might give her the edge when it comes to facing off against her famous cast-members.


Coming at 5'10", Elizabeth is taller than a lot of the men she frequently finds herself working with in Hollywood. She has a few inches on Val, but he says that doesn't matter in the slightest. How refreshing! Are you listening, Tom Cruise? Val's all about Elizabeth embracing her height.

Val is very much just wanting me to stand in all my woman-ness, I so appreciate that. Some men don’t want a woman to kind of stand in that. It’s really a new kind of thing for me!

Val's encouragement and support of Elizabeth have definitely helped the pair begin to develop a partnership that's supportive and trusting. This sort of dynamic is sure to help them when it comes time to dance for the judges.

Do you think Elizabeth is going to win the competition?


Image via ABC.com

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