‘Vampire Diaries’ Is Coming Back -- Top Questions We Must Have Answered in Season 5!

Rebecca Stokes | Sep 11, 2013 TV

nina dobrevSummer's over, and while that's sad, fans of The Vampire Diaries have an easier time mourning the loss of all those days at the beach. With October 3 approaching faster than you can say 'Delena', the season 5 premiere will be here before you know it. Soon we can feast our eyes on the often-shirtless Ian Somerhalder and his new vampire paramour Nina Dobrev as the two characters finally try to make a go of it as an on-screen couple. Fingers crossed!

But the show has never been all sunshine and lollipops. That's part of why we love it! Last season was riddled with characters dying, characters fleeing, and characters making choices that could change life in Mystic Falls forever. Check out our slideshow of 5 Big Questions we want answered in season 5.

  • How Is Katherine Going to Cope?


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    When we last saw everyone's favorite doppelganger, she was passed out and on her way to becoming ... human! That's right, after a season of anticipation, Katherine Pierce wound up taking the cure. Will being human temper her devious side? Do we get to see her do stuff like take a math class and get acne? Will she be furious with Elena for forcing the cure down her throat? How will her humanity effect Damon and Elena's relationship? I could not be more excited!

  • Will Bonnie Be Back?


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    If you're anything like me, Bonnie Bennett's death had you curled up on the floor demanding a blanket and a giant cookie. While death doesn't always mean the end on this show, we're not sure what the other side has in store for Bonnie. Will her visits to Jeremy Gilbert be regular? Will they find a way to bring her back from the dead without killing anyone else? Questions!

  • What Does the Future Hold for Damon & Elena?


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    I will take Damon Salvatore smirking and mean. I will take him hurt and lashing out. When it comes to Damon, I love it all. Especially when he is shirtless. That's why I'm reserving the right to quietly freak out over the fact that he might finally get some happiness with Elena Gilbert! But I am also worried. Nothing stays good for long on The Vampire Diaries. What could the future hold for Delena?

  • What's Going to Happen to Stefan?


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    Nobody was in worse shape than Stefan Salvatore when last season ended. The guy was locked in a safe on the bottom of a lake, lost his girlfriend, and had his identity stolen by his evil doppelganger Silas. It really puts my own problems (the milk went bad, boo) into perspective. Stefan was so close to making a fresh start! What's going to happen to him now? Freedom? Death? Revenge? Will he escape and reunite with a gentler, kinder Katherine? I MUST KNOW.

  • How Is Jeremy Adjusting?


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    Jeremy Gilbert is the only character who currently has it worse than Stefan. Yes, he used to be dead and is now alive -- but at what cost? Bonnie is dead because she brought him back, he's got to feel guilt over that. Besides, moving from the world of the dead to the living? There are bound to be major adjustment issues.

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