'I Dream of NeNe': 5 Things We Can't Wait to See Go Down at the Diva's Wedding

NeNe and Gregg LeakesYep, it's another Real Housewives wedding special. This time it's NeNe Leakes walking down the aisle in I Dream of NeNe, which premieres next Tuesday on Bravo.

You've got to admit it's a much catchier title than Tamra's OC Wedding, but this isn't a competition as NeNe made clear in a media call today. She also provided more insight into what we can expect on her big day, and why in the trailer we hear her say, "This is a love story that's turned into a horror story." Yikes! Here are five things we can wait to watch.


1. Battle of the Bridesmaidzillas

She has nine bridesmaids, and she said too many of them forgot that there was the word "maid" on the end of their title. She said some of them (RHOA friend Marlo Hampton included) had attitudes, acted like divas, and were never satisfied. "They forgot there was a REAL bride," she said.

2. The Prenup Showdown

Gregg eventually signed a prenup, but not until the last minute, and there was much debate in between. NeNe said it was a deal-breaker if he didn't sign.

3. Wedding Planner Drama

Expect plenty of spats with the wedding planner with whom NeNe is still battling. When asked today what advice she'd offer other brides, NeNe said that they should do background checks on their wedding planner. Noted.

4. The Gifts & Guests

The glamorous guests and gifts were plentiful. For example, today Nene revealed that Teresa Giudice gave her some very expensive Hermes china. Given Teresa's current financial problems, one might wonder if that was the best idea, but NeNe said she saw Teresa on Monday and "she didn't ask for it back," so that's good.

5. NeNe Walking Down the Aisle

Oh, we've seen a few pictures, but there's nothing like watching a bride walk down that aisle. NeNe says she hasn't even seen it herself. Can't wait.

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