Farrah Abraham Spotted With Mysterious & Creepy Old Dude

farrah abrahamTeen Mom at work! Farrah Abraham was spotted in New York this week, most likely pounding the pavement for employment of the non-sex tape variety. I thought she was writing some Fifty Shades-type book? Books are jobs, I hear. Maybe she should try that. 

Because she's not simply content to go about her business without demanding attention, Farrah did what she does best and wandered the streets until photographers caught up with her. Just in case her continued ability to breathe wasn't enough to enthrall paparazzi, Farrah had one more trick up her sleeve.


She was being escorted by some mysterious sleezoid. That's right, she pulled the ol' "mystery man" card. Let's not get it twisted. The idea that Farrah's dating this guy should be taken off the table. She's hit the town with other unknown entities in the past, and they've all proven themselves to be work colleagues.

I'm guessing that's the case here as well. That said, if he's a work contact -- what does he even do? Check out the guy's shirtless look and chest hair. You can tell me that guy's not a porno kingpin all you want. I will not believe you. The hoodie alone speaks volumes, and those volumes are about coitus for pay.

Who do you think Farrah's mystery man companion is?


Image via Instagram

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