Jenelle Evans LOLs as Nathan Griffith Is Arrested for DUI

jenelle evans, nathan griffith, teen momYou know what shouldn't be surprising? When a man in Jenelle Evans's life gets arrested. Old dogs can't learn new tricks, and dudes she dates can't stay out of trouble. Do the names Kieffer Delp or Courtland Rogers ring any bells? Confession, I miss Kieffer. If only because it means we never get to hear Jenelle's mom Barbara Evans scream his name again ("KEEFAH").

It looked like the curse might have been broken with Jenelle's latest beau, Nathan Griffith. Sadly, this was not to be. Just days after Jenelle was sharing pics of Nathan, herself, and her son Jace looking like a happy family, Nathan did something to blast that image to smithereens.


He was arrested for a DUI. Ugh. Gross, gross, and gross. Driving under the influence is just unacceptable. Plus, Nathan's recent arrest makes him look like a giant hypocrite. He's supposed to be so staunchly opposed to this sort of behavior. Remember how he swore he'd leave Jenelle if she touched drugs again?

jenelle evans, nathan griffith, teen mom

Yeah, that didn't happen. Maybe that should have indicated the dude had issues brewing. Whatever the case, he needs to take this arrest seriously if he plans on becoming Jace's stepfather. Right now, it doesn't seem like Jenelle is going to be able to help him do that. When she learned fellow Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell was going to be out partying, she tweeted, "don't drink and drive! lol". Right Jenelle -- his arrest is hilarious. He is the Will Ferrell of drinking and driving. We bet she wasn't laughing when she was paying his $5,000 bail.

Do you think this is an isolated incident, or that Nathan needs help?


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