'Tamra's OC Wedding' Recap: Tamra Barney Goes Into Full Bridezilla Mode

tamra barney, tamra's oc wedding, eddie judgeIf you had told me last week that this week's episode of 'Tamra's OC Wedding' would have me audibly guffawing at my screen, I might have glared at you. I mean, I love Tamra Barney. The first episode was interesting and everything, sure. That said, there is very little I find funny about strippers putting their boobs places that those boobs do not belong. As we know, that was an activity which made up a large portion of last week's episode. 

This week, however, was a veritable treasure-trove of awesome moments. First off, Tamra's wedding planner Diann continues to impress. I am nowhere near wealthy enough to expect my wedding planner to stage a mock-wedding in a warehouse so I can look at decor, but if I were, Diann would be my go-to gal. In two days she whipped up designs for a wedding reception worthy of royalty.



If said royalty are into vintage bicycles as objet d'art, that is. While we're talking about it, these imaginary royals would also have to really, really love a color scheme that makes you feel like you are inside a human stomach.  

As much as I love the idea of Tamra being this cool, opinion-less, bride who just really wants to get married, that attitude would make for a pretty boring show. That's why I was evilly glad to see her kick into Bridezilla mode this week. The awful family BBQ where sister-friend let her temper out to play had me leaning towards the TV in anticipation. I know that anger management is something she's trying to work on, but damned if I don't like watching her lose her temper in an environment where people are repressing their feelings while also eating hot dogs. 

Her BBQ meltdown was almost as good as her freak-out at the bridal shop. What started off as a happy jaunt to buy bridesmaid dresses quickly turned sour. Thank god it wasn't over her own dress, or Diann might not be alive. Still, Tamra deciding the dress shop was something out a horror film and scuttling back to her limo to berate Diann was delicious. Especially because she had Heather Dubrow there to quietly remind her that she was being ridiculous. Tamra's freakouts wouldn't be nearly so cute if she didn't also feel free enough to laugh at herself.

I could talk about Eddie Judge and Tam-Tam learning to dance for the wedding, but we've seen Housewives dance before (looking at you V- to the -anderpump). Much more fun to discuss the ladies gathering to talk about waxing their nethers. Tamra was a waxing virgin, which shocked Vicki Gunvalson. The woman was so embarrassed to learn that Tamra trimmed her grown-lady hairs that she whispered a frantic question about the state of her butt-hole. Then everyone took turns adopting "exposed butt-hole" positions to explain how it's done to Tamra. Yup. That happened. 

Do you think Tamra's going to become an even bigger Bridezilla?

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