8 ‘Scandal’ Spoilers Too Tantalizing Not to Share (VIDEO)

scandal season 3There's a parade of season premieres hitting us this month, but I'm holding out for October 3. Why? SCANDAL, that's why! That's the date of Scandal's season 3 premiere, and I can't wait. Scandal is a runaway hit drama series about a Washington, D.C. "fixer" named Olivia Pope (inspired by real-life DC fixer Judy Smith) who just happens to be having a secret affair with the president. But there's so much more -- spies, counter-spies, election-fixing, murder, kidnapping, lady suits you want to wear, sexy groping in the Oval Office, and I love it all. So where do we pick up with the new season? Right where we left off. Here are all the hints and spoilers I could find about Scandal season 3.


As fans already know, season 3 left off with Olivia running out of her apartment for a workout only to find a crowd of reporters out front: Her affair with the president had been exposed. And there was a surprise -- the leader of a spy ring was waiting there for Olivia in a car, and he just happens to be ... DAD?!?

1. Fitz is still running for president. Even though the cat's out of the bag about his extramarital affair, he's going through with the reelection campaign. Naturally, the news of his affair will be a major theme in season 3.

2. It's still hot between Fitz and Olivia. When last we left our favorite illicit couple, they'd agreed to back off for the sake of Fitz's career. But creator Shonda Rimes says, "Fitz and Liv have an inexplicable attraction to one another, and people may be surprised to discover what certain motives are in [creating] the situations they’ve been in. [Their romance] is not finished ..." However, at the beginning of the series, Fitz's wife "Mellie does have things managed on the marital front."

3. Veep Sally Langston is back. We'll be seeing more of the treacherous vice president -- my guess is she'll help fuel the outrage over Fitz's affair.

4. Who leaked the affair? Actress Kerry Washington says we'll find out the identity of the leaker in the first episode. "When we come back in this first episode, you do hear who spilled the beans and why. It's pretty extraordinary and you won't be able to guess," she says.

5. Cyrus and James actually ... happy?!? Seems impossible, considering the betrayals and heartbreaks in season 2. Remember that horrible speech when Cyrus basically called James an over-the-hill hack and pawn? Ouch. But Jeff Perry says it gets better. "We are in a pretty good place. There will always be things that are always a bone of contention with him being a member of the White House press corps though, so we'll have to see if James crosses the line. I told him how to behave, so we'll just have to see if he does!"

6. Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake. Yes, the sexiest spy around is back. Le sigh.

7. Lisa Kudrow! Yup, the Friends star will have a recurring role as a politician.

8. Scandal will break Twitter. Fans who follow social media know there's a party on Twitter every time Scandal airs. Actress Bellamy Young, who plays First Lady Mellie, says of the first episode, "There is a line in that first scene that we think might break Twitter." Bring it, Scandal!


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