Ian Somerhalder Reveals Whom He's Dying to Sleep With

ian somerhalder, the vampire diaries, 50 shades of greyIan Somerhalder might no longer have a chance to play everyone's favorite tie-wearing sadist Christian Grey, but that hasn't lowered his sex appeal one iota. Now that he's got some time on his hands with no Fifty Shades of Grey shoot, the actor is busy filling his hours in other ways.

Sure he's got his standing gig as Damon, the vamp we love to hate (and love) on The Vampire Diaries, but he's also a tried and true activist. Nothing says "do me" like someone who gets riled up about the quality of drinking water in the third world. Ian took to Instagram with proof of his continuing sex appeal this weekend, when he got personal about his latest sleeping partner.


Ian can't wait to get all up inside ... his brand new eco-friendly trailer. Ah, boys and their clean-fuel utilizing cars. It is a love that knows virtually no bounds. Many are the women who would kill to be that trailer -- or even the car that's pulling it!

ian somerhalder

This pic is further proof of Ian's killer sense of humor (like we didn't already know). In addition to faking us all out by proclaiming, "I can't wait to sleep with her," his goofy expression as he poses in front of the camera is kind of amazing. We might be denied the pleasure of seeing Ian suit up on the big screen any time soon, but treats like this pic definitely help heal the sting.

What project should Ian tackle next, or is his Instagram salve enough?


Image via Instagram

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